Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mom- I know you are reading this...

SO when you DO read some of these things, please feel free to call and give me detailed insight on how you feel about them. DO refrain from handing out information to Mammaw, Braden or whoever else might be strategically unnecessary in the scheme of what our lives entail. I , of course will hang on your every word, overzealously agree and will do exactly as you say forthwith.

Actually- you can expect the eye-rolling, heavy-sighing and breathing through the phone that you normally get as a response, even though I am listening to most of what you say. Don't think I don't respect you. I do. That's for sure, but take it from this perspective: I am RO-bot, and although I know you are my bestest friend, you are still my mother. And that is what RO-bot thinks of me. We are the bestest of friends, but I am still her mother, and a goober, as are you. So let's just accept the fact that we will always be a big bunch of nerds and our children will subconsciously hear our guides vibrations as they descend out of the cosmos.

My head hurts-

I love you, MOm.

(for anyone else reading this, pretend like you were sitting in a restaurant and overheard a cheesy, embarrassing conversation between a mother and daughter and go back to eating your damn spring mix with balsamic vinegar and EVOO.)


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