Thursday, January 05, 2006

Guerilla MOM Notes: stardate 01-05-06

SO- today has been a good example in the life of Me and the RO-bot. As I wait patiently for the release of my financial aid for grad school, keeping my on and off cursing at the world and the gods/godesses and the university and the whos and whozits, I walk straight in the door, trip over some "air" and spill a large coffee right into my laptop. Of course. This is my life. RO-bot and I just made it to school and I was ready to get at the TO-DO list, but that just put me down for the day.

ME (Guerilla Mom) and RO-bot (6 year-old daughter robot) on a journey out of hell and into the bright shining world again. Three years ago, I walked out of my house with one three year old daughter, one diaper, one laptop and five dollars. This is why we are still alive.

We've been abused,stalked and harrassed by my ex, forgotten and made fools of by lawyers, screamed at by judges, walked on by the Department of Human Services, eaten or not eaten, homeless, and yet we are still here and we will not give in. SO- if you cant handle us, get lost. If you want advice from experience or just someone to talk to about options, states NOT to live in, how to buy food with $6.43 for two people, underground garage rock scene, why not to buy polly pockets, record collecting, or anything- that's what we are here for.


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