Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Big People's School VS. First Grade Math - It's A Toss Up---

Well- school has actually started, but I am still doing NOTHING> I mean, I don't have any classes, work-study, NOTHING> GEEZUS~~I keep reminding myself that thesis means research and work and more work, but it is just not sinking in. Oh, I have plenty of research, but it is strictly from personal experience and not from straight-forward facts and etc. The big project will be trying to find people to interview for this documentary. Being an abuse victim isn't just something you want to sit around talking about all the time or something that you promote publicly. Believe me - it's something you don't even want to put in to words because it seems too real. Even though it seems more real than me sitting here typing this. Hopefully I can present this film/study in a way where it is understood that something will change, for the better. So a little background on this? MY thesis requires utter close examination in to a dark part of my own life, while also learning about the experiences of others as well. I might just keep an entirely different blog on this. If you read the intro post on here, you know that I was at one point involved in an abusive relationship. I was beaten, raped, tortured and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Included in this project is a timeline of abuse, escape and reclamation. I don't really want to air a bunch of deep horrible experiences right here, but what is involved is a close-up of the cycle from different people's experiences. What's going to happen this semester, I'm not sure. But I've got some friends in the law library on campus that I know I can get some expert help from and a few other sources that can put in the right direction. I am also in contact with some abuse hotlines and some women's groups. I guess I'll have to see what comes next. Advisor POWWOW tomorrow.


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